Enjoy the spacious grounds of our lodge and the comfortable and rustic 16 rooms housed in bungalow-like buildings.

Each room is equipped with air conditioning, an en-suite spacious bathroom with a shower, a working desk for longer staying guests, and free amenities such as a hydration and tea and coffee station outside.

Superior Rooms

We have six rooms in this category and they are adjacent to each other. Each room has a single bed, and a queen size bed as well. With individual AC units in all rooms, no matter how hot the season, our rooms are designed to keep you cool with their high ceilings, and darker interiors to keep the heat away.

These rooms are also more spacious than your standard room, and with the extra bed configuration allows for you to turn this into a triple room share, which saves costs!

Gaun Ghar

Our Gaun Ghar is more of an experiential room and mimics what a traditional room in this countryside would look like. It’s a small space, with a private balcony overlooking the swimming pool, and it’s perfect for the adventurous couple who want to stay somewhere different.

Summit Suite

Our latest addition to the Lodge, the Summit Suite is a perfect cozy suite for a couple celebrating their special days. Our favourite part of this space is the private view from the river deck outside the room! It’s perfect for having a candle-lit dinner overlooking the Trishuli.


Suitable for couples and families.  We recommend guests travel in groups so they can occupy a whole wing of 4-5 rooms to give you ample privacy. These rooms have twin queen size beds.

River Suite

The River Suite is tucked away in a very quiet corner of the lodge. There is an extra layer of privacy with gated access for room guests only. Upon entering, we have a sprawling outdoor lounge area, where guests have enjoyed bonfires, doing early morning yoga, and also  We have a water station with tea and coffee within this space, along with a mini fridge. As this is one of our superior rooms, guests can order room service and have meals delivered straight to your doorstep.

Trishuli Suite

The king-sized bed is perfect for this large room.  Enjoy the languor of this private bungalow, with plenty of space to lounge in the TV Lounge area, along with the tea and coffee station nestled inside a corner of your suite. This room is bright and airy with high ceilings and windows facing the gardens of the lodge.

As this is one of our superior rooms, guests can enjoy in-room dining as the kitchen is a two-minute walk away.