As a young man in my early twenties organising expeditions, trekking and learning the hospitality set up was a vital yet very interesting part of my journey. This way I was able to see , feel and experience the mountains , lakes, rivers , the hot and cold , the highest and lowest point , all in this beautiful country. After so much experience one could say that I have a nose for scouting places unparalleled for its energy and beauty in Nepal!

The Summit River Lodge is a culmination of almost three decades in the hospitality area . Like my German business partner’s motto: ‘The Road is the Destination;’ so has been the story of this lodge which was a dream many years ago . Plodding along and putting the concept I had in mind into reality has been a journey of challenges and costs. With no direct road access to the highway, the biggest obstacle was time and cost. But this was always the idea , into nature but not necessarily into the wild! Because of the location and other logistical issues the lodge was built in three phases over a period of 10 years or so. By this, it can be said that we are a property that has organically grown ; but we do know that all good things take time !

We are all about outdoors! Our facilities are simply aligned with the nature with plenty of space for every individual. With a minimalistic approach to our 17 rooms, the focus has been more about creating natural yet practical outdoor facilities . We are lucky that the calm and serene village of Theywatar and the mighty Trishuli and our lush green surroundings all add and enhance to the property. One night is simply not enough to enjoy a long deserved break and does not give the place due justice . It is however fair to say that we might not be everybody’s cup of tea. You might consider ticking us off your bucket list if walking, warm weather conditions and the outdoors is not your style. But otherwise just give a thought to the saying “All difficult Roads lead to Beautiful Destinations.”

It will be a pleasure to welcome all to the Summit River Lodge and join the growing community of people who care for the environment and appreciate how much we have in our country before looking elsewhere and lamenting about what we do not have.


Phintso Ongdi