Kurintar is a nature lover’s hub and is home to many water sports and activities like hiking and mountain biking. Allow us to curate an itinerary for you, and sprinkle in some fun you didn’t know the countryside had to offer!

Rafting on the Trisuli River

Rafting along the challenging rapids of Trisuli River like Twin Rock, Ladies Delight and Scout Upset can be a great bonding experience for friends and family because of the adrenaline and unique experience it provides. During this river trip, you journey through scenic and secluded miles featuring incredibly blue water, breath-taking alpine scenery and amazing rapids cutting through some of the most varied geology. Please note that rafting is not possible during monsoon due to rains.

Mountain Biking

This requires a bit of logistics from our guests, but we welcome them to bring their mountain bikes and explore the trails of Kurintar. The pristine rivers and environment is a surprise for many of our guests, and once you revel in this nature, it’s quite difficult not to come back to relive it.

Short Forest & Village Walk

Theywatar is a very underrated part of the Nepali Countryside. Due to it’s distance from Kathmandu and Pokhara, it boasts pristine views of the mid-hills, gorgeous open fields of mustard seeds, and clean streams just a few minutes walk away. These trails are great for hiking because of the gently undulating nature of the land.

Manakamana Temple

The famous wish-fulfilling temple is a mere 5 minutes drive from our parking. Take a cable car up early in the morning and have a hassle-free pilgrimage and quality time with family because of your great timing and foresight to stay nearby!