March 2, 2022

Post COVID-19

Even during the pandemic times , with the sincere support of our staff, we were able to keep working on maintaining  as well as upgrading  our property.

This way we were able start off full on as soon the lockdown protocols were in place. You may have noticed we were one of the first lodges to be fully operational in Nepal post COVID-19. Had we not been consistent with our work the property would have been taken over by nature and it would have been a difficult journey back.  We have been able to give back to our staff by putting everybody back on full time time and 100% salary plus benefits since November of 2021.

Our team were all double vaccinated in 2021 and we’ve been taking so many permanent steps in increasing our hygiene standards at the lodge. From investing in iClean Technologies, to educating our team on best practices for disinfection, we have been able to take a most positive stance the last two years, and learn as much as we can, over lamenting over what was lost.